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Globopod is an Irish EdTech company creating virtual reality Geography and History content to use in your classroom and for students to use at home. The brain child of a Meath based teacher, Globopod aims to enhance students learning and to make each lesson more engaging for the modern learner.

Having taught in both England and Ireland, our content creators saw how students were loosing interest in standard textbook teaching and as a result loosing interest in their studies. Initially, our aim was to use technology and methods that would increase student participation and also play in the interest of the classes we taught. One thing that we were sure of was that we did not want to mirror the teaching that was used from our own school days. When we would dread having to regurgitate the textbook in our own words, day after day, homework assignment after assignment.

Through many days of trial and error, consulting with other teachers, and asking students how they want to learn – Globopod was born. It has been a journey that has gone from strength to strength. Now with over 50 geography tours available for you to use, Globopod is changing how we deliver lesson content into your classroom. All tours are curriculum aligned and contain a range of features to use in your class and for students to use at home as a flipped learning tool. In the near future, Globopod will be adding more subjects to our resource bank, but for now sit back, relax and take yourself to on a number of FREE virtual experiences.

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